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ubh 1.4
by gerard on Thu Dec 28 00:00:00 PST 2000

Release of version 1.4.

This release features the introduction of the long-awaited disk-based article assembly capability. ubh can now accumulate the article(s) to be decoded into a disk file rather than system RAM. This now allows ubh to download arbitrarily large binaries, limited only by available disk space.

This new version is due to the painstaking and tireless work of special guest programmer Jt "The Squeegy" Chiodi. Not only did he submit the disk-based article assembly modification, but he also incorporated all the pending bug fixes and suggestions from the ubh-discuss mailing list.

Here is a summary of the changes for this version:

  • Disk-based article assembly (-A). TEMPDIR keyword to specify where the temporary file goes. Thanks to Jt "The Squeegy" Chiodi.
  • PERMISSION keyword to control default permission of created subdirectories. Thanks to Jt "The Squeegy" Chiodi.
  • Made uudecode search for "end" case insensitive. Thanks to Michael Tiedge.
  • Use "/o" modifier to only compile regexp's once. Thanks to Adam Rice.
  • -O option to force overwriting of duplicate files instead of prepending article number. Thanks to coder_at_mindspring.com
  • Default single and multi-part inclusion filter greatly expanded to be (?i)asf|avi|gif|jpg|mov|mpg|mpeg|rm|[cdertsu]\d\d|rar|ace|zip|\d\d\d|nfo|sfv|mp3 Thanks to Jeff Hedgpeth and Andi L6hmus.
  • Fixed documentation for -f and -l to say that they update the .newsrc. Thanks to Jeff Hedgpeth.
  • Example ubhrc mentions OPT_c - should be OPT_C instead. Thanks to Ying Zhang.
  • Tested on Mac OS X. Thanks to Michael J Paluka.
  • -g was not updating .newsrc. Thanks to 3Jane Tessier Ashpool.
  • -n was not documented. Thanks to 3Jane Tessier Ashpool.
  • MacPerl platform support. Thanks to Mike W. mw487_at_yahoo.com
  • -g was not obeying -I or -X filters. Thanks to Andreas Wenzel a.wenzel_at_aon.at

Upgrading from any previous version to v1.4 is easy - just replace the executable. Your existing .ubhrc and .newsrc files are entirely forward compatible with v1.4.