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ubh 2.0
by gerard on Sat Jul 28 00:00:00 PDT 2001

Release of version 2.0.

This is a full release with a many new capabilities, usability improvements, and bug fixes.

Upgrading from any previous version to v1.5 is easy - just replace the ubh executable. Except for a slight change to the OPT_O option, your existing .ubhrc and .newsrc files are entirely forward compatible with v2.0.

ubh now requires the following module distributions, available from CPAN:

  • MailTools-1.15
  • IO-stringy-1.220
  • MIME-Base64-2.12
  • MIME-tools-5.411

    * Percent complete display.  Thanks to Will Irace,
      3Jane Tessie-Ashpool, and Guillame Filion.
    * Eliminated warning about $MacPerl::Version.
      Thanks to Adam Rice.
    * Improved SIGINT handler.  Thanks to Guillaume Filion.
    * DECODER keyword to specify a custom external article
      decoder command string.
      Thanks to Jt "The Squeegy" Chiodi.
    * -D now dumps all selected single and complete articles.
      Suggested by Guillaume Filion.
    * CACHEDIR keyword to store all the .ubhcache files in
      a single directory, if you want to.
      Thanks to Jt "The Squeegy" Chiodi.
    * Added support for multiple servers.
      Inspired by code contributed by Guillaume Filion.
    * Ripped out existing MIME and uuencode decoders and
      replaced with the standard MIME::Parser.  You will
      need to install the following modules/distributions:
    * Now applies extension filter(s) to the embedded file
      names in addition to the subject header.
    * Added NNTPPORT keyword so you can specify a different
      port to connect to.  Default is 119.
      Code contributed by Mark Sullivan.  Thanks Mark!
    * Batch file article selection (-b).
      Initial implementation provided by Shalon Wood.
    * Added more evil filename cleanup:
        - -C now forces filenames to all lowercase.
        - EVILCHAR so you can control the character
          to use when replacing evil characters.
    * Added handling for authinfo() failure.
    * Fixed coding error for MIME multipart/mixed.
      Thanks to the Tofu Pup.
    * Changed -O to accept one of three options: 'yes', 'no',
      and 'skip'.  'yes' will overwrite and 'no' will create
      a unique file; 'skip' will keep the existing file,
      skipping remaining parts if it is a multi-part binary.
      Thanks to Rod Jenkins for contributing the intial
      code for this, and thanks to Evan Harris for initially
      suggesting this.
    * Fixed broken FORCEDIR implementation; it now allows
      you to specify paths that are not subdirs of DATADIR.
      Thanks to Evan Harris for pointing this problem out.
    * Marks the articles that comprise a multipart binary
      as read *after* the binary has been decoded.
      Thanks to Evan Harris for suggesting this.
    * Added 'contrib' subdir for contributed tools.
    * Added contributed tool, 'newshark', which maintains
      your .newsrc.
    * Implemented subject caching.
    * Implemented subject sipping - requests Subject:
      headers in small "sips".
    * Implemented crosspost elimination.
      Thanks to Brian Macke and Jason Portwood.
    * Explicitly close open files when bailing out.
    * Ran with -w and cleaned up warnings.
    * The subjects cache files now have the extension 
    * Fixed wild bug with metacharacters in MIME boundaries.
    * Prepend groupname to subjects.log and multiparts.log 
      when FORCEDIR is in effect to prevent them from being 
    * Added wrappers (with retry loops) to Net::NNTP xhdr(), 
      xover(), and head().
    * Added ubhrc keyword NNTPHDRSIP to make header sip 
      size programmable.
    * Massive cleanup of header download code.
    * Added graphical spinner progress indicator.
    * No longer need '= 1' in ubhrc for OPT_* booleans.
      Do not create TEMPDIR unless -A is in effect.
      Thanks to Bjorn Stenberg.